September 05, 2014

Out today: Nigel Kennedy's Four Seasons, the 25th anniversary edition

The Vivaldi album that revolutionised the classical music industry in 1989 sounds as fresh as ever.

In 1989, a spiky-haired, loud-mouthed lad from Brighton, seemingly the antithesis of all classical music stood for, swaggered in from the Yehudi Menuhin School and recorded Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. His vibrant, edge-of-your-seat playing and fresh approach ensured the disc entered the Guiness Book of Records as the best-selling classical album of all time. As Classic FM presenter John Brunning recently opined, "Nigel Kennedy changed classical music forever."

Twenty-five years later, Kennedy's performance remains a benchmark. And it's now available in a deluxe anniversary edition: the original best-selling album along with the award-winning filmed performance on DVD.