Anderszewski, Piotr

Mozart Piano Concertos 25 & 27

26. Jan 2018

Barcode: 0190295724221

Komponist: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mitwirkende: Chamber Orchestra of Europe

This pairing of concertos Nos 25 and 27, recorded with Chamber Orchestra of Europe, is Piotr Anderszewski’s third Warner Classics album of Mozart concertos. “In Mozart I tend to prefer to direct from the keyboard,” he explains, “His concertos are like chamber works ... The piano is in dialogue with the orchestra, conversing and interacting all the time. The two works are very different… No 25 is very grand, complex and sophisticated; No 27, Mozart’s final piano concerto, is in a major key, but underneath it I sense an incredible sadness… It always amazes me how deep this music is.”