Emotion & Analysis - Pierre Boulez

DVD (Anzahl Disks: 10)
1. Feb 2015

Barcode: 0880242610089

Mitwirkende: Pierre Boulez · Berliner Philharmoniker · Wiener Philharmoniker · Orchestre de Paris · Staatskapelle Berlin · Lucerne Festival · Chicago Symphony Orchestra · Philharmonia Orchestra

This DVD-Box, a compilation of 10 DVDs, pays homage to Pierre Boulez in honor of his 90th birthday on the 26th of March, 2015.

Not only do we celebrate a great conductor and composer but also his creativity and effort in supporting young, aspiring musicians as a teacher and mentor as well as his open and progressive approach to composition and music in general.

These fantastic productions, each represent a stage in the great conductor’s life, therefore granting the viewer deep insights into the activities and growth of a musical legend. Revealing motivations, projects, opinions, and personal information through enlightening interviews.

3 documentaries and 9 concerts productions put together into one captivating Boulez-Box.