La Grande Danza: Aterballetto in Milan

22. Sep 2017

Barcode: 0880242642387

Mitwirkende: ​​​​​​​Jiří Pokorny, Giuseppe Spota, Philippe Kratz

Aterballetto is the principal producing and touring dance company in Italy. They are well-known for their ability to shift their style across a wide range of musical genres, from classical to pop and jazz.

Jiří Pokorny’s Words and Space is a metaphor of an intrapersonal speech, a book full of floating stories. It is personal, intimate and very poetic.

Philippe Kratz' Phoenix is inspired by the idea of the infinite circular motion of life: Birth, growth, immobility, death and finally birth once again.

In Narcissus Giuseppe Spota takes a look at the youth of today. Are they ready to come out of their virtual frames and face the mirror of everyday life?