Daniel Barenboim plays Brahms: Piano Concertos

1. Nov 2011

Barcode: 0880242666888

Komponist: Johannes Brahms
Mitwirkende: Daniel Barenboim ·
Sergiu Celibidache · Münchner Philharmoniker

Daniel Barenboim is internationally recognised and revered as a pianist, orchestral and operatic conductor, musical ambassador and humanitarian. Partnering him here is the remarkable conductor Sergiu Celibidache, of whom Barenboim says: ‘he was one of the greatest musicians I ever encountered’.

This DVD presents Brahms’s two piano concertos, composed at opposite ends of his creative years. The first work evinces a titanic struggle, while the second is warmer and rounder, but no less passionate, and shows Brahms at his consummate best. Both concertos are given outstanding performances by Barenboim, Celibidache and the Münchner Philharmoniker. Recorded in Munich and Erlangen, 1991.