Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

1. Okt 2009

Barcode: 0880242724885

Komponist: Richard Wagner
Mitwirkende: Falk Struckmann (Hans Sachs) · Ain Anger (Veit Pogner) · Adrian Eröd (Sixtus Beckmesser) · Johan Botha (Walther von Stolzing) · Michael Schade (David) · Ricarda Merbeth (Eva) · Christian Thielemann · Wiener Staatsoper

Wagner’s Meistersinger is a festive opera in its own right, but at the unforgettable performances of the work at the Vienna State Opera in January 2008 the festive spirit literally leapt out into the audience as well. Vienna’s dailies exploded with praise: “a feast of singers” (Der Standard), “grandiose” (Die Presse) and “close on six hours of pure enjoyment” (Der Kurier). The plaudits applied to all the singers from Hans Sachs to the nightwatchman as well as to the chorus and orchestra.