Libertango - Best of Piazzolla

19. Mai 2017

Barcode: 0190295827496

Mitwirkende: Emiko Mizuki · Izumi Tateno · Marko Ylönen · Martti Rautio · Mika Väyrynen · Atso Almila · Kuopio Symphony Orchestra

Master of Tango Nuevo: For a long time, tango in Argentina had a bad reputation and was regarded as almost offensive. No wonder the young Argentine Astor Piazzolla sought inspiration in European art music. In Europe the tango had just come into fashion, and so the composer returned to his roots and found his own musical voice. Combining European influences with the rhythms, passion, and sensuality of Argentinian tango, Piazzolla created a new, distinctive, and enthralling art form known as Tango Nuevo.