On a Cloud

8. Sep 2017

Barcode: 0190295737399

'One needs to be challenged in order to evolve. What is meant by challenge is pretty much everything we have around us. If our reality is not challenged, how can we grow? If one grows up with everything and does not need anything, why would be one try and push boundaries of his own mind. People who grow in a more challenging environment are more susceptible to openness. Happiness is not something granted, one can agree that our society shows it more and more, happiness is rarely discussed; one focuses more on the problems and pains the world has rather than the beauties within it. What is everything was collective. Have you tried and gone into a room full of depressed people, or a room full of angry people, or just a room full of blood. At this moment, your mind might see the room full of it. There are high probabilities this room will affect your mental state. Taking into account you are made of compassion and empathy.'

'On a cloud was made a bit like this. I will not remember everything the way On a Cloud was made, but I remember feelings, images, scent. It was a sunny day , it was actually mid morning, (which was rare at the time, I would go to bed very late at night, almost morning, between 4 and 7am, I was petrified sleeping at night for most of my life, I was sleeping during the day, it made me feel safer for some reasons). But On a Cloud was different. This morning, I was awake, I was on top form, I still do not know why but I could feel being on top form, feeling alive, not down, just feeling good. I went for a walk in the sunny park next to where I live ( I was in a flatshare on Cowley Road, in Oxford, sharing with a few people). I still remember this morning, the sun coming through the window, it was so warm, so full of light. I felt the need to play, so I did. The warmth and light of the sun was giving on my piano, it just felt amazing. I had this melody coming, just happy. At that time, most of my pieces were very melancholic, always some hope in them, but mostly mirroring the existence I had, sad and painful.'

'While playing, I was feeling this joy, hope and something that was telling me to not worry. On a cloud represents this feeling of joy, hope, that everything will be okay, but not in a love way, in a very happy way, nothing else matters. I had worried most of my life. Being an artist is one thing, but for most artists it is hard to know that making a living is hard, especially when not having any familial back up. It was my main pain, worrying that I will be on the street. This piece was taking me to the clouds, not like a cloudy weather, but the clouds where one can fly in, smell, jump on, the clouds that only exist in dreams, not the rainy clouds, the clouds we go to in our dreams, that escape our reality. I have never stopped playing On a Cloud since I made this piece, a bit like a medication for one of my many illnesses. On a cloud is a beautiful day, with the most beautiful blue sky, a powerful and warm sun radiating all over and a peace of mind, a no worry zone. All is well.'